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          70's Programming

          Station updates may occur on Sundays at 9:00 am CST.

          This is my work

          The radio show that plays the best music from the 70's. It's music, memories and fun presented by KTODD!

          KTODD 70's - Sundays at 2AM and 2PM!

          Into The 70's

          35+ year radio veteran Todd Chambless plays both pop and rock like Bad Company, Foreigner, Journey, Queen, Billy Joel, The Stones, and Elton John.

          Into The 70's - Sundays at 7AM!

          This is my work

          Classic hits of the 70's, complete with listener interactive features, artist interviews, great features and master DJ M.G. Kelly..

          Back To The 70's - Saturdays at 6AM and 6PM!

          This is my work

          Loaded with songs that traditional radio forgot (but you never will) from host Mike Walker as he races back from the restroom before "American Pie" runs out!

          Saving The 70's - Saturdays at 11AM!

          This is my work

          Relive the outrageous persona of "American Graffiti" and "The Midnight Special" star Wolfman Jack and the great music he played.

          The Wolfman Jack Show - Saturdays at Midnight!